FM 5
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FM 5 is a mini bench top filler for liquids, FM 5 offers our customers the possibility to manually fill bottles and vials of product. This machine is able to solve the most varied problems of filling various bottles being able to count on ease of use and setting and on minimum dimensions, important characteristics of the machine itself. It can be used both in the pharmaceutical sector and in the chemical, cosmetic and food industries. If mounted on capping machines, the FM 5 dosing station transforms them into filling and capping monoblocks. FM 5-2 can be mounted on a base with gates and descending needles and can be equipped with rotating tables
TECHNICAL DATA Dimension mm: 400X400X600 Power pack: pneumatic Power: 220-380 V tre fasi Mechanical speed: 1000 PCS/H Available with: • Four syringes • Two syringes of one liter • Connections if required • Doses from 0,5 to 1000 ml Direct draught from the storage tank
Tweetypack assists its customers, as well as in the design of their systems, in order to make them the most suitable for the required needs, also in the design of the customer's premises, in order to make the production departments where the systems will be installed as efficient as possible
FM 5


Tweetypack with its many years of experience creates for its customers special machinery for very special products, supporting its customers in the research and development of new innovative products
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Tweetypack offers its customers the most modern technologies for filling liquids and creams of all kinds both in monobloc including capping stations for any under caps or caps that dose single and separate capping machines.

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